Monday, December 21, 2015

Posting a MishMash, a Thank You and the MTC has Guac!

12 December 2015

Elder Vincent had a few short emails home this week, so this post is a "mishmash" of those emails.

I’m remembering each day so don't you worry. (I always tell the kids "Remember who you are and what you represent" and I end each email to them the same way.)  We go to the temple today so I’m excited and I’m having a lot of fun teaching investigators.  On a sad not tho Elder Lewis went home early do to medical reasons.  We miss him as a district and hope for the best for him. His companion Elder Watt is now me and Elder Collingride's companion making us three. I love you and am thinking of you.

I should be sending some pics hopefully next week

The missionary department has authorized to make a 30 min call home on Christmas day between 3:15 and 5:15 p.m. mountain standard time on the 25th.  So be patient there will be a lot of missionaries calling home that day.   I might be early, I might be late or there are so many that I might not at all, so just be prepared in case that happens.  Again I love you and am looking forward to talking with you on Christmas!!!!

I couldn't find the scriptures (not to worry Gma, we are looking for them to send to him), and yes I did (get his packages).  Thank you for the cord, polish kit, and toiletry bag.   It was a last minute medical thing (Elder Lewis leaving), yes we are in the same district (MTC roommates).  Our district is myself, Elder Collingridge, Elder Watt, Elder Lui, and Elder Changchum.

So I got some Dear Elder letters today and I really appreciate them but, some of them seem scattered and I’m not sure were one starts and one ends so if you could explain this to me next p-day I would be appreciative.  And tell Sister Walmer thank you a well since it says she submitted them. Thanks

Elder Vincent

 Message between Andrew and his step-father Craig

    Hey Andrew!
    Thinking of you. I hope you are doing well. I really miss you...I mean hey who am I going to eat guacamole with?
    I hope you are enjoying the MTC, are you learning a lot?
    So who is your companion? I hope you are enjoying your room and the food.... but no guac?
    Love you. I know you are a great missionary!

I’m learning a lot and am having a lot of fun, my companion is Elder Collingridge, the room is a little cramped and the food is good, oh and they do have guac!
Elder Vincent

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