Wednesday, December 9, 2015

He Made It Safe And Sound

9 December 2015 - Day 1

So today is one of those days.  Happy that he is off on the adventure of a lifetime, but sad that he is leaving us for the first time.  In 3 weeks time, he will leave the MTC for the Arizona Tempe Mission.  As the favorite primary song goes (with a little adaptation)...

"I hope by then he will be ready, to teach and preach and work like the other missionaries do!"
 Or as Andrew is known to say...
Side note:  When he was thinking about what to write for his mission acceptance letter, that was his first choice.  Three simple words that said so much.  Then he thought about it and expanded on it and wrote the most beautiful and moving letter ever. 

I am so very proud of him.

4:30 am Smiles I usually never see this early in the morning
Emily and Andrew
Andrew and Jeron - His Brother From Another Mother

Thank you Jeron for picking him up from the airport, spending some last minute "bro" time together, and being there as he walked through those doors to the start of his mission.


  1. Elder Vincent will be an amazing missionary. Thank you for sharing his greatness with searching souls.

  2. We so proud of Andrew, and Jeron was very stoked to be able to be the one to pick him up and take him to the MTC. We know Andrew will be a great missionary.