Monday, December 21, 2015

Cousins, The List!!!!! and PICTURES FINALLY!

19 December 2015

I’m glad to see Emily is having fun. (sent him a picture of her at work with the Santa Cow)

So here is a list of answers to all the questions you asked:

- no recordings yet tho I wished I had remembered Elder Robbins gave a great devotional that I wished I had recorded (had he used his recorder yet)
-disappointed about Agent X but I’ll live (TV show he liked that got cancelled)
-you don't need to spoil the surprise (does he want to know what the family Christmas gift is)
-I got the rolls and greenie package, you sent too many rolls I had to share with the new district (infamous MTC cinnamon and raspberry rolls)
-don't think I’ll need hat or gloves
- anything you can think of for Christmas would be fine, brownies maybe :)
-Elder Lui and Changchum are going to Oakland Cal
-Elder Watt, Collingridge, and myself are going to Tempe
-Elder Watt is from West Yellowstone Montana, Elder Collingridge is from Ann Arbor, Michigan, Elder Lui from West Valley Utah he's half Tongan and Samoan, Elder Changchum is from Salt Lake City, Utah and moved from Thailand and is a convert of 3 years, and lastly Elder Lewis who is no longer with us is from Santa Barbra, California
-No Sisters (any Sisters in his District)
- All English speaking
- 2 devotionals 1 by BYU men’s choir and 2 by Elder Robbins of the Seventy Presidency
-saw Aaron and Daniel Feinour now Elder Feinour (his cousin and a friend who used to live in our ward)
-everyday miracle was feeling the spirit so strong we couldn't finish our training exercise (looking forward to asking about this if he gets a chance to call home for Christmas)
-snow is fun, no snowball fights allowed
- staying warm
-tell Sister Walmer and everyone else thank you for the e-mails and be sure to share this with them

One more thing the missionary that went to the temple with me was our previous DL Elder Taylor, and I met someone that was born the same day as me Elder Corey

Elder Vincent

Elder Vincent and his cousin Aaron Foechterle who teachs at the MTC

Elder Watt and Elder Lewis on Elder Lewis' last day before going home
In the back , Elder Changchum, in the front, left to right, Elders Vincent, Lui, Collingridge, Watt and Lewis

Left to Right:  Elder Vincent, Elder Watt, Elder Lui, Elder Collingridge, and Elder Changchum
Provo Temple